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Georgetown Township, MI


Do you have tree stumps littering your property? If you want to make space on your yard, then consider getting rid of those tree stumps. With Grand Rapids Stump Grinding, you have two options: stump grinding and stump removal in Georgetown Township. Continue reading to learn more about these two services or call Grand Rapids Stump Grinding with any of your questions or concerns. Our friendly representatives are on standby to schedule a flexible appointment or even arrange an emergency stump grinding in Georgetown Township. Don’t forget to explore our website to find applicable discounts, coupons, and promotional offers.

Stump Removal in Georgetown Township, MI

Do Tree Stumps Go Away on Their Own?


If your tree removal was incomplete, then the tree trunk might still be alive and will likely sprout again. Even if the tree was properly removed, it can take up to 20 years for the tree stump to fully decay, depending on the size of the stump. In the meantime, the tree can become a breeding ground for pests and fungi. Pests such as termites can then move from the tree stump toward your building.

Why Grind the Tree Stump?

It can take a couple of decades for a tree stump to decay and disappear from your property. Until then, the tree stump will be an awful eye sore and a trip hazard. Stumps on the property will make lawncare more challenging and will also attract pests and fungi. Getting rid of that stump can transform your landscape and give you more real estate to work with.


You have two primary options when it comes to tree stumps on the property: stump grinding and stump removal.
Both services are aptly named. Stump grinding involves pulverizing the tree stump down to about 16 to 18 inches into the ground. Grand Rapids Stump Grinding can also provide shallow grinding of 4 to 6 inches if you would like. The drawback is that the roots will remain in their place and the stump grinder leaves a hole in the ground, but don’t worry. We do grind surface roots and fill the hole with dirty and woodchips.
A Georgetown Township stump removal, also appropriately named, tears the tree stump straight out of the ground. As you can imagine, this is a messy process but eliminates the roots as well.


The cost of a stump grinding or stump removal depends on the size of the tree stump, depth of the grinding, and location of the stump, among other factors. Call Grand Rapids Stump Grinding to consult with a representative and get a price estimate. Don’t forget to explore our website to find applicable discounts and coupons.

Serving All Areas of Georgetown Township

If you have been searching the web for “stump removal near me” because you need a stump grinding company in Georgetown Township, then you are at the perfect place. Grand Rapids Stump Grinding is thrilled to serve all areas of Georgetown Township with quick, reliable, and affordable service. Call now to schedule an appointment or arrange an urgent dispatch.

Stump Grinding Vs. Stump Removal

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