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Wyoming, MI


Tree stumps are trip hazards, vulnerable to disease and pest infestations, and take up valuable real estate. They are also eye sores which ruin the appearance of the property and reduce its value. If you have tree stumps littering your landscape, then call Grand Rapids Stump Grinding to have them eliminated. We are excited to offer stump grinding as well as stump removal in Wyoming, MI. Our friendly representatives are on standby to address any questions or concerns. We are also happy to give you a price estimate, schedule a convenient appointment, or arrange an emergency stump removal or stump grinding in Wyoming.

Stump Removal in Wyoming, MI


If the tree removal was not professionally performed, then the tree trunk could still be living and can re-sprout. If your tree was properly removed, then the tree trunk should be dead and decaying. Depending on the size of the tree stump, it can take up to 20 years for it to decay completely. The decaying process is not pretty either. It can introduce pests such as termites and carpenter ants, both of which can wreak havoc on your property. This, among other reasons, is why we recommend you have the stump removed or grinded down. If you are looking for a reputable stump grinding company, then you are at the right place. Grand Rapids Stump Grinding has years of experience, a dedicated crew, and advanced equipment to get the job done right and get it done quickly!

Can I Grind the Tree Myself?

While a Wyoming stump removal is a lot more challenging, stump grinding could be something you can perform relatively feasibly. Granted, you will have to rent a stump grinder and transport it to your property. You will also have to learn how to properly use the stump grinder as there is a serious risk of injury when using the stump grinder. Many homeowners find the costs and risks to be too much, which is why they leave the stump grinding to the professionals. Grand Rapids Stump Grinding has affordable prices as well as regular discounts, coupons, and promotional offers. Explore our website to take advantage of available opportunities.

Tree Stump Grinding Vs. Stump Removal

Some homeowners opt for chemicals to get rid of the tree stump, but we do not recommend it. Chemicals can irreparably damage the soil and contaminate underground water sources. We advise choosing between stump grinding or stump removal.
Stump grinding pulverizes the tree stump into woodchips and sawdust. We can grind tree stumps down to an inch below the surface or as deep as 18 inches underground. We can also grind surface roots, but deeper roots will remain.
Stump removal is messier as it involves tearing out the stump and roots from the ground. As you can imagine, this leaves a gaping hole in your landscape. The advantage is that you can make use of the ground immediately, without worrying about roots in the ground.

Do Tree Stumps Go Away on Their Own?


Residents in Wyoming, MI no longer have to dig through web results for “stump removal near me.” Grand Rapids Stump Grinding is a reputable company with quick, reliable, and affordable service, and we are thrilled to serve all areas of Wyoming, MI. Call now to speak with a live representative.

Serving All Areas of Wyoming, MI

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