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Lowell, MI

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Trees are beautiful ornaments for yards and landscapes. They provide shade, and fresh air, and can even offer fruits and flowers. While well-kept trees can increase the value of your property, dead or diseased trees can be serious liabilities. Tree removal is not the end of the road though. You will find out that tree removal services do not involve the tree stump. For that, you will need to schedule a stump removal or stump grinding. Fortunately for Lowell residents, Grand Rapids Stump Grinding is here to help. We are your local stump grinding company with quick, affordable, and reliable service. Call now to consult with a friendly representative, get a price estimate, and schedule your convenient appointment. We might also be able to arrange an emergency stump grinding in Lowell today.

Stump Removal in Lowell, MI


There are a few reasons why you should remove tree stumps from the property. Tree stumps can be dangerous, negatively affect the value of your property, and expose you to potential lawsuits:

  • Unsightly: Tree stumps jutting a foot out of the ground are eyesores to say the least. They can become especially unattractive when they begin to rot or become infested with fungi and other pests.

  • Lost Real Estate: A tree stump can take up a few square feet of space in the yard. This limits you on what you can do with your property and makes gardening chores and lawn care more challenging.

  • Reduce Property Value: You might be okay with an ugly tree stump taking up space on the property, but potential homebuyers probably won’t be. That is going to negatively affect the value of your property.

  • Safety Hazard: If you have children play in the yard, then they are at risk of tripping on or tripping ONTO the tree stump. Prevent injuries by removing or grinding the tree stump down.

  • Disease and Pest Infestations: Mold and other fungi can grow on tree stumps. Also, pests such as termites and carpenter ants are naturally drawn to tree stumps. These pests can make their way toward your building and cause serious damage.

As you can see, quick stump removal in Lowell can end up saving you a lot of time and money. Call Grand Rapids Stump Grinding to schedule your Lowell stump removal today.

Can I Grind Stump Myself?

Technically, yes. You can purchase or rent a stump grinder and read up on how to get the job done. Some homeowners like to take on DIY  such as this, but they should note the costs and risks: the time and money spent on doing this yourself plus the risk of injury or making mistakes.

Why You Should Remove Tree Stumps


Lowell residents searching the web for “stump removal near me” are at the right place. Grand Rapids Stump Grinding is thrilled to serve all areas of Lowell, MI. Call us now to speak with a live representative. We are happy to schedule a flexible appointment or try to arrange an urgent dispatch today.

Serving All Areas of Lowell, MI

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