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Kentwood, MI

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Are you tired of those tree stumps taking up unnecessary space on your property? They’re not just an eyesore. Tree stumps are trip hazards and breeding grounds for pests and fungi. Fortunately, Kentwood residents have a reliable stump grinding company just one call away. Grand Rapids Stump Grinding is proud to offer and reliable stump removal as well as stump grinding in Kentwood. Explore our website to find available coupons, discounts, and promotional offers before calling in to get a price estimate upfront. Our live representatives are on standby to schedule your appointment or arrange an emergency stump removal in Kentwood today.

Stump Removal in Kentwood, MI


Most tree removal services will cut the tree down to its stump but will leave the stump and roots in place. Though you will have plenty of airspace available after the tree is gone, there is not much you can do with the land when a tree stump is jutting out. Tree stumps ruin the appearance and utility of real estate. They are also trip hazards and make lawncare unnecessarily challenging. Finally, tree stumps can invite pests and mold, which can find their way to your building as well. Save yourself the headache, and valuable real estate, by getting rid of the tree stump. We offer stump grinding as well as stump removal services.

To Grind or To Remove the Stump?

You have a few options when it comes to eliminating the stump. You can have it grinded, removed, or chemically destroyed. We do not recommend the final option as the chemicals can harm your soil and any groundwater.

Stump grinding calls for a stump grinder, which pulverizes the stump into woodchips and sawdust. We can grind the stump down to as shallow as an inch into the ground or as deep as 16 inches under the surface. Stump grinding does not get rid of the deep roots, but we do offer to grind surface roots.
A stump removal, meanwhile, DOES eliminate the roots as well as the tree stump. This process is messy though as it involves tearing the stump and roots from the ground. The advantage of a stump removal is it allows you to plant whatever you’d like without having to worry about roots getting in the way.
Call Grand Rapids Stump Grinding if you have any specific questions or concerns. Our friendly representatives are happy to clear up any confusion.

Why Get Rid of Tree Stumps?


A Kentwood stump removal generally costs a bit more than stump grinding but the exact numbers depend on a number of factors including the size and location of the tree stump. Feel free to call Grand Rapids Stump Grinding to consult with a representative and ask for a free price estimate upfront.

Serving All Areas of Kentwood

Kentwood residents who have been digging through web results for “stump removal near me” can call Grand Rapids Stump Grinding any time. We are proud to serve all areas of Kentwood with quick, affordable, and reliable stump grinding as well as stump removal services.

How Much Will It Cost?

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