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How Much Does Residential Tree Removal Cost?

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Whether a tree was damaged in a storm, it is unhealthy or hindering the look you want to convey, a tree removal company can remove it from your residential property. But how much is residential tree removal going to cost you?

Essentially, the cost to remove a tree is based on height of tree, trunk diameter, accessibility, condition, and more. The average residential tree removal cost can range between $400 and upwards of $2,000, with most homeowners paying approximately $800. Removing small and shorter trees (up to 30 feet) will cost about $300, while taller trees over 80 feet tall can cost up to $2,000 because they are harder to remove. At Grand Rapids Stump Grinding, we’ve compiled some of the factors that determine the cost of residential tree removal to give you an idea of what to expect in case you are considering having a tree removed from your property.

What Factors Influence Residential Tree Removal Cost?

Size of the tree

Residential trees under 30 feet are cheaper to remove because removing smaller trees poses fewer risks and safety hazards. The cost to remove smaller trees such as Magnolia, Crepe Myrtle, Japanese Maple and Flowering Dogwood can range from $150 to $500, though factors such as accessibility can impact the overall cost.

Medium-sized trees (30-60 feet), such as Cypress, American Holly and Date Palm cost between $400 and $1,200 to remove. However, the overall cost may vary based on the location of the tree and its condition.

Residential trees taller than 80 feet will cost between $1,200 and upwards of $2,000 because large trees pose a unique challenge and risk for tree removal specialists.

Trunk Diameter

Trees with thicker trunks cost more to remove as compared to thinner ones because thicker trees require more work time.

Some trees have more than one trunk which means removing such trees requires extra precautions and more time.

Location of Tree

A tree’s location can affect residential tree removal cost by 25 to 50 percent. For instance, a tree standing in an open yard is much easier to remove than a tree located in a place where it can damage the nearby buildings or fall on utility lines. Removing inaccessible trees requires special considerations, such as using cranes and other specialized equipment to ensure nothing gets damaged. Removing a tree in an open space will most likely cost you half the price of a tree located in an inaccessible place.


The health or condition of a tree determines the best approach a tree removal service will employ to remove the tree. A diseased tree or one that has been damaged by a storm will cost more to remove because unhealthy trees pose serious hazards, so they need special attention.

However, a tree that has fallen and hasn’t created an emergency situation is much cheaper to remove.

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