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Signs It’s Time to Have Your Tree Stumps Ground

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

After removing a tree from your yard, you may decide to leave the tree stump untouched. While this may not initially create a problem, there comes a time, however, when tree stumps must be ground.

Let’s look at the signs that it is time to call in a reliable stump grinding service to grind the tree stumps sitting in your yard.

They Are Attracting Pests and Insects

When tree stumps are left to rot and decay over a number of years, the decaying matter can attract a wide range of pesky insects such as carpenter bees, termites, and beetles. Decaying tree stumps provide a food source for insects and give small rodents a great place to shelter. If you have tree stumps sitting in your yard and notice an increase in insects and pests, it’s time to have the tree stumps ground professionally. Having lots of pests and insects in your garden exposes your home to many risks, and makes your garden an unpleasant place to spend time.

They Are Becoming a Tripping Hazard

Tree stumps can pose a tripping hazard to your little ones, seniors living in your home, and just about anyone walking around your property. If your little ones are playing in your yard and not paying attention, they can run into the stumps and injure themselves, or they might climb on top of protruding tree stumps and fall. So, if you notice that the stumps in your yard are creating a potential tripping hazard, you need to have them ground. Additionally, reducing tree stumps to ground level makes it easier for you to mow and landscape your yard.

The Stumps Are Negatively Impacting the Overall Appearance of Your Property

Tree stumps are an eyesore in your yard. Leaving them just sitting around your yard without any practical use is the quickest way to ruin your home’s curb appeal. If you’re sick and tired of looking at unsightly tree stumps in your yard, you’ll need to call in an experienced stump removal service like Grand Rapids Stump Grinding and have them removed.

You Need More Valuable Space in Your Yard

A yard full of tree stumps is considered dead space because you won’t enjoy spending time in such a yard; and you’ll not want your kids to get hurt while playing in a space with protruding tree stumps. Eliminating tree stumps can free up some valuable space that can be utilized for many purposes.

You’re Putting Your Home On the Market

Are you planning to sell your home any time soon? It goes without saying that potential buyers will shy away from properties with tree stumps because they can be tripping hazards, damage sidewalks if the roots start to grow, and make it difficult for landscapers to mow the lawn. It is in your best interest to have a professional company grind your tree stumps before putting your home in the market.

If you are looking for a reliable company to help you with stump grinding or stump removal, reach out to Grand Rapids Stump Grinding.

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